Robert Pothier (South-Africa)

CEO & Co-founder Faceter

Faceter transforms ordinary cameras into advanced security systems that “understand” what’s going on with fast, accurate, and efficient facial detection and recognition. It enables a new level of service for your security needs.
The product is ready for B2B customers and has been tested in three successful proofs of concept. The team has clear plan for development the mass market version. Given the project’s roadmap for the next three years, the FCT token value may grow several times.
The token is the core of the decentralized network, both as a Proof of Recognition and a flexible, transparent, cross-border settlement mechanism for all participants. It is the cryptocoin for payments we get from customers. Work of participants in our decentralized network is paid by tokens as well. FCT is the integral part of the business model and a great investment asset. The financial model is built to strengthen factors that support growth of the token value.