Quirze Salomo (SPAIN)

Owner Nostrum

With more than 160 restaurants, Nostrum (founded in Barcelona in 1998) is the first European franchise in the home meal replacement sector. The 100th Nostrum opened in December 2014 and in the same year the company was floated on the MAB (Alternative Stock Market) in Madrid. In 2015 a flagship Nostrum opened in Montpellier and at this moment 4 master franchises have been signed for France and expansion into France is underway with 250 restaurants planned over the next 5 years in Paris and other regions. This year NostrumGo has been launched to offer a home delivery service. In 2018 Nostrum will also be listed on the French stock market. Expected 2017 revenues are 36,9M euros.
The vision
In 2012 Nostrum started with building a loyalty ‘Fan’s Club’, offering quality offerings for €1, €2, €3. At this moment more than 800,000 members pay €5 per year. Nostrum’s aim is to have 795 outlets in 2022, based on 16 master franchises. The projected franchise income will be 15M euros over the coming 5 years.