Piet Nelis

COO Synappz Mobile Health

SYNAPPZ is a Dutch company with focus on Patient- Generated Health Data (PGHD). Since its inception the company accumulated 2,4M euros in profitable revenues (>800K in 2016) in The Netherlands over the last 5 years, developing a portfolio of outstanding medical apps. The idea for SYNAPPZ came from a veterinarian after he lost his voice and could not find a cure for his illness for 7 years. With help of Internet he found the name of his disease himself and got treatment.
The vision
Piet co-founded SYNAPPZ to mobilise patients and to build a successful business case around PGHD in The Netherlands. Now the SYNAPPZ team wants to embrace the power of decentralized blockchain technology, crypto funding and -currencies to build a global patient data platform to empower patients and accelerate the use of PGHD. The use of PGHD supplements existing clinical data, filling in gaps in information and providing a more comprehensive picture of ongoing patient health. PGHD offers an opportunity to capture needed information for use during care, with potential cost savings and improvements in quality, care coordination, and patient safety.