Evgeny Glariantov (Singapore)

Founder FREED

FREED is a project of the company TVX Games. FREED is a first blockchain platform for monetizing multiplayer online games by using gamers’ PCs networked in grid computing system. Our company’s vision is that gaming should be profitable for all parties involved. We expect high mutual benefits for game owners and publishers, game players and distributed computing clients from our solution.
Game owners gain a useful tool to monetize their non-paying users: we estimate the minimal approximate gain from one gamer at $2 per month within the FREED platform, which is a lot more than the average gain per user in the advertising monetization system.
Game users who are unable or unwilling to pay can “lend” their computers while they are not using them and by doing so gain game values (game currency, game artefacts or extended subscription).
Clients of distributed computing get on-demand access to an open system which is by far faster and more productive than any existing supercomputer at a moderate cost.