Cliff Gross (UK)

CEO Lucyd

Lucyd pte ltd was established as a portfolio company of tekcapital plc (lon: tek) in 2017. Tekcapital is an oxford, u.k. based ip investment firm, focused on bringing university discoveries to market.
A major part of what makes lucyd stand out in the ico space is our founding by a public company. Tekcapital has a powerful university research network, capturing available ip from 4,500 research institutions worldwide. This network is what enabled us to exclusively license the highly innovative patents behind lucyd. Our establishment by tekcapital also sets the tone for proper financial controls and reporting.
Lucyd’s mission is to enhance the visual experience. We’re doing this by developing ergonomic smartglasses, and a blockchain-based app store to support them. Our platform will make it easy for anyone to create, share and experience ar content. From gaming, to sports, to navigation, to professional tasks, lucyd lens will put the apps and content you need right in front of you, so you never have to look down again.